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Tier Explanation

We categorize decks into 4 different Tiers based on popularity and power level. There is no particular order within each rank. The Tier Rankings in this list may not align with the charts on the homepage. This is because the meta data information is based purely on popularity and does not always correlate to a deck's strength. This is especially true when a new card set is released or a hero art has a buff/rework.

  • The Tier 1 decks are the decks that you would expect to see a lot on ranked ladder and are very strong.

  • Tier 2 decks would be decks that are as strong as Tier 1 decks but are not as popular. Sometimes decks that a lower in power but extremely popular.

  • The Tier 3 Decks very uncommon to see on ranked ladder and with slightly lower power level

  • Graveyard: Decks that haven't been upgraded due to not being relevant.

Tier 1: High Power

Decks that are high in power and extremely common. Typically the decks to beat in a given meta. Players tend to modify their decks to counter act these decks. One of the defining factors of Tier 1 decks is there ability to make comebacks and their adaptability both in and out of the game.

Fight Against Inner Demon

Quest synergizes perfectly with this hero art allowing you to add actions to EX pocket on a moment's notice. Cheap units combined with return to hand and extremely powerful negates is a sure fire way to get wins.

Credit: Official TEPPEN

Bringer of Nightmares

Bring back your revenge units for super cheap and with a small buff. This deck can churn out large units with ease. Watch your opponent crumble under army of zombies.

Credit: Official TEPPEN

Raging Demon

A powerful hero art that can destroy any unit. A strong deck that excels in destruction effects and abusing ascension units.

Credit: Narikawa

Mirage Decoy

Lock your own field to gain powerful effects. An tricky deck to play with a lot of control options.

Credit: Ainsworth

Antibody Activation

Protecting powerful legendaries is a tried and true path to victory and Antibody Activation does it best. This deck dominates the game after reaching its condition of 3 explores.

Credit: yamaji

Tier 2: Medium Power

These decks can be as strong as the tier 1 decks but for whatever reason are not as common. These are the decks that you would not be surprised to see when playing Ranked Ladder.

Great Divine Intervention

Powerful on-play board control style deck. Create a decisive opening in the first few plays and ride the momentum to victory.

Credit: Mutsuki

Ultimate Weapon

Damage based Control deck with the ability to use PIERCING damage to destroy units and hurt the opponent at the same time. Control your way to victory and finish the opponent off with powerful legendaries.

Credit: Aeryn

Change Form

Change form allows you to create massive board presence with +1/+2 to all your units, even the ones in your hand! Dominate the board and follow it up when your opponent thinks they are safe!

Credit: Official TEPPEN


Revive high MP cost units from your grave with this hero art. Will your opponent be able to keep up with these huge monsters?

Credit: TJR


Quest buffs allow you to build up and beat down quickly and effectively. Build up an unstoppable field and protect it with your hero art.

Credit: Spooky/GraveSlave


Lock down the opponents field with Halts and resonate your units to a massive size. If you love to frustrate opponents and win in a decisive manner this deck is for you! This deck is a consistent tournament powerhouse!

Credit: Ainsworth

Tier 3: Low Power

These decks are uncommon to see on ranked ladder but you will see them occasionally. They may have a few good match ups but many bad ones.


Go for quick wins with this Flight based Aggro Deck. This style of deck is very easy to build with only 3 epics! You weak flight units won't looks so weak after a buff or two.

Credit: Durian

Celestial Envoy's Miracle

Bash your opponents face with rush as your units get stronger throughout the game. Play explosively at the beginning and rely on increasingly powerful units to close out the game.

Credit: MalletMoogle

Despair Wail and Perish

This deck combines powerful low cost units with plenty of destruction allowing you to dominate the field. It also boasts an almost unbeatable late game due to Curse Extraction in combination with the hero art reviving 3 units.

Credit: Mumen rider

Spike Launch

Sacrifice your life for the ultimate power. Cheap and powerful units for low followed up with hard destruction and one of the highest damage hero arts. High Risk High Reward.

Credit: Kartarou

Devil Trigger

Stack up some fat units as quick as you can. Devil Trigger prevents you from losing the damage race. Aggro at its purest.

Credit: Dango

Graveyard: Decks which haven't seen a successful update.

Denjin Renki

A definitive control deck revolving around increasing the damage of your actions. Destroy your opponents units with ease and win with direct damage effects.

Credit: Poyon


Build an army and protect it with shields. LOTS OF SHIELDS.

Credit: Ainsworth

Heart Tank

Keep your units alive with the huge HP Boost! This deck hopes to win by keeping a strong board throughout the game.

Credit: Thirsty Games