Spike Launch Faith

Spike Launch Faith

Power: 5

Difficulty: 3

Style: Aggro


Nergigante brings the heat with this extremely offense oriented Faith deck. Sacrifice your own Health to play powerful units for a lower cost while powering up the Spike Launch hero art at the same time! This deck is strong at all points in the game! Strong units to start the game which power up your other units as they die due to the Faith mechanic. The deck also has just enough destruction to frustrate any opponent. No matter what your opponent throws at you then you can handle it.

Tips & Tricks:

  • You don't need to stack a fully loaded Spike Launch for it to be effective.
  • This deck excels at a low MP game. Apply pressure by placing units when you hit 6 MP instead of 10.
  • Try to Avoid playing Satsuki/Dark Mantis early without Faith buffs. They don't trade well and you will find yourself falling behind.


Ooze and Blade are the most effective first plays because they have the highest value. Ideally you can follow up with a Dark Mantis or Satsuki to pressure another lane when the opponent responds to your first play.


While the deck has some life gain there is A LOT of Health sacrificing going on. In classic aggro fashion this make its hard to maintain a long game. Eventually you won't be able to play units without causing your own defeat. This can also be very dangerous in Aggro Mirrors because they can hit you hard enough that you can't recover even if you stave off the opponent's threats.