Shadow Blade 4s (Four Cost)

Shadow Blade 4s (Four Cost)

Power: 5

Difficulty: 4

Style:  Tempo


 Fours is a powerful tempo deck which utilizes the new invasion mechanic to keep opponents units off the field. The key to winning with this deck is to continually keep the opponent on the back foot with on place effects and whittle them down. There is a higher difficulty rating because this deck relies on high impact synergy plays and if you mess up your hand then it can spell disaster.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Don't underestimate how much HUNK can snowball your game. He starts small but keeps on getting bigger and bigger
  • Hunk Tip #2: don't forget that he can amplify your hero art's damage.
  • Lupo doesn't need to use invasion to get her +4hp effect.
  • Using Lupo to add stats to an Oro is a devastating combination.


 When doing your mulligan you #1 rule it to get multiple 4 cost units in your hand. It shouldn't be too hard but its important to keep in mind. #1 mulligan target is Lupo! Being able to start the game off with Invasion is very powerful in a deck like this which likes to counter the opponents first moves. Lupo also sets you up to benefit off those early plays.


 While this deck can play control with the best of them it doesn't have a lot of answers for high stat units with a high play cost. One of the only outs to that is Brainwash and using Oro to beat them out in combat. The other main weakness of this deck is other control decks that have a better late game. Those types of decks force Fours into being the aggressor which it is not as strong at when compared to control elements.