Rakuhouha Lock Control

Rakuhouha Lock Control


This deck utilizes Zero's Rakuhouha Hero art to control the field with massive amounts of split damage and use powerful Purple legendaries to close out the game. Rakuhouha relies on high memory counts so this deck is 2/3rds action cards! The deck has 3 main packages: Cheap Actions, Control, Win Conditions.

Cheap Action Package:

One of the key cards in this deck is Ominous Exchange. It allows you to pull win conditions out of the deck at the cost of locking your own board. However this deck is constructed to use that as an advantage! Natalia and Ada benefit greatly from locking your own field and "The Winds" allows you to unlock your field for more bonuses! This synergy allows you to reap the benefits as you build up memory for a powerful Rakuhouha.

Control Package:

Ada Wong, Aid to Domination and Brainwash are all powerful ways to remove single threats and if you can set up the right field you can get a 2 for 1 with Ada Wong. The strong focus on removing singular threats is the perfect supplement for Rakuhouha's split damage which is able to deal with multiple units very effectively.

Win Conditions:

Put Simply this is just all the legendary units that are included in this deck. Each of these units has the ability to end a game alone if they aren't dealt with and Ominous Exchange allows this deck to grab them straight from the deck to capitalize on any opportunity.


   For the mulligan strategy the ideal starts are Natalia/Ada and cheap actions which lock the field. This will get the memory engine rolling while also being able to take advantage of the extra locks. Ominous Exchange is great here as well because it can pull a Natalia/Ada from the deck if you are lucky. having 1-2 cheap actions will help avoid getting stuck as you build up to a devastating Rakuhouha!