Nero - Hey Nico! Tribes

Nero - Hey Nico! Tribes

Power: 4

Difficulty: 4

Style: Midrange


The Hey Nico! Nero deck is the poster child of stability. This deck is able to play well in all situations relying more on playing better than your opponent over the course of the game. It has a higher difficulty rating due to the reliance on the Unleash mechanic which some times means taking damage on purpose is the best play. Players must manage their life total to get the most out of powerful Tribe units like Ieyasu and Nero.  I highly recommend this deck for players looking to improve and also for players who do not like to lose often to bad match ups.


When doing a mulligan the ideal start is to have an MP Boost unit. This lets you build MP advantage as well as getting your field started for massive tribe synergies.


The main weakness of this deck is unit removal. The deck gets more powerful with more tribes on the field so it can be very difficult to get the ball rolling versus decks with high amounts of destruction.