Mestu Shoryuken Spirits

Mestu Shoryuken Spirits

Power: 5

Difficulty: 3

Style: Aggro


One of the strongest Aggro decks in the meta right now. Metsu Spirits combines extremely high on play damage effects with heavy hitters like Barawassha and Hinoa. The goal of this deck is to constantly keep the opponent on the back foot by blasting away enemy units with damage and reducing the opponent's life quickly with the help of the Metsu Shoryuken Hero Art.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Metsu Shoryuken isn't just for adding extra damage. It can help you remove opponents units more efficiently.
  • Diversify your threats by using Metsu on a lower attack unit. Sometimes putting all your eggs in one basket can lead to blow outs.
  • A full board means no more on place damage for you, it might not be to you advantage to fill up all 3 slots.


Hinoa + Gertrude is your ideal starting combo! This combo is a powerful attacker followed by 5 damage on place. Realistically any combination of spirit + Princess Yuki/Hinoa will do but to start its best to prioritize Hinoa if you can. Getting threats onto the field is important to put pressure on the opponent ASAP!


Metsu Spirits is a deck that capitalizes on a very strong early game. But if the opponent is able to stabilize it can become very difficult to close out the game. This is compounded by the combo play nature of the deck, which needs both a spirit + Princess Yuki/Hinoa in hand to really get things going. The longer a game goes the harder it is going to be to keep having those combos available to you.